Coffee Ground to Ground

“I have been collecting used coffee grounds since about November 2010. I haven’t used a huge amount, probably 30 Kilos (at one stage I hauled a 10kg bag home). But even this has been enough to see the results in the garden! No more ants- they had been eating out the root systems from many of my plants and when I added coffee grounds to the garden they stopped immediately. I have also found plants have shot up and are full of colour.”

“I have found that pests like ants, snails and slugs stay away as well as my cat! The cat seems to think my garden is her personal litter box and kept digging up plants as well. Since putting the used coffee grounds on the garden I haven’t found anything disturbed.”

Did you know that coffee grounds are a fantastic compost material that are free to collect and use?

The Ground to Ground website caters for this opportunity, by delivering news, views, research, and general information on the reuse of coffee grounds for compost and gardening. Of the tonnes of used coffee grounds that are discarded each day, only a small amount is collected for reuse – which is a real pity considering the good that can come from a group effort.

Recycling coffee grounds would have to be one of the easiest ways to make a difference, and for anyone interested in gardening, composting, vermiculture, or just environmental awareness, the Ground to Ground website can show you how to get involved for all our benefit.
Please help spread the word about this great initiative and tell your barista about it at your local coffee bar or cafe.

The Ground To Ground Map – Find Used Coffee Grounds

20 Ways to resuse coffee grounds and tea leaves – Treehugger


3 thoughts on “Coffee Ground to Ground

  1. Coffee production is such an involved and resource consuming process. If there is anything that can be done to utilise such a valuable resource even further then we should embrace it. If there are any Brisbane baristas out there composting you have my vote.

  2. If you want to utilize the grounds from your local coffee shop I recommend you talk about it with the staff first then take in a clean container (with a lid!) for them to tip the grounds into.
    You will not want the grounds from a full day, only the last hour or so. Besides, it’s a pain for the staff to have to remember to save the grounds for you and have to explain to other staff and the boss why they’re saving the ‘rubbish’. If you’re very friendly with the staff/owners they will probably be happy to save food scraps for chickens too (if none of the staff are already doing it for themselves). But you MUST pick it up before they close, do not leave it overnight and at least offer to supply clean containers with lids for the food scraps.

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